Submit to the Layoff List

If you're experiencing a layoff - here is what you can do.

A large number of companies are being impacted due to the COVID-19. Layoffs are imminent. Get out in front of it - support your coworkers and yourself by sharing your info. You can submit your info to us and we'll distribute it to the Layoff List network. Share the form with your colleagues, friends, and anyone you know that might be experiencing a layoff during this time.

Check out the Google Form below 👇

Submit your info to the form (resume uploads encouraged) 

We will be sharing this info with potential employers so don't share anything you wouldn't want them to see! All info will be made public.

SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! We want to build a network to share far and wide with the talent community to get people place as fast as possible.

A note from our team to yours
It's with a heavy heart that we are putting together resources for folks that might lose their job to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are sending good vibes and support for all those in need.