Washington, DC

Layoff Date:

September 2, 2020

Laid Off Employees:


Laid Off Percent:

Not Reported

Source: News 10
Amtrak is set to cut 1,950 members and 100 management positions. According to a media relations spokesperson for Amtrak, based on a review of their fiscal operating plan and planned service levels for 2021, significant reductions in staffing will be necessary. Amtrak Media Relations released the following statement: “For the past several weeks, Amtrak has conducted a thorough review of our FY 2021 operating plan, as well as our planned service levels for next year. Based on this review, we have identified our staffing needs for next year. While we have implemented initiatives to minimize the number of furloughs and involuntary separations, significant reductions remain necessary due to the slow recovery of ridership and revenue. Approximately 1,950 agreement team members will be furloughed and approximately 100 management positions will be involuntary separated over the coming weeks.”
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