Aviation Service GmbH

Frankfurt, Germany

Layoff Date:

May 19, 2021

Laid Off Employees:


Laid Off Percent:

Source: World Socialist Web Site
Just recently, another WISAG operation at Frankfurt Airport announced mass redundancies. Aviation Service GmbH (ASG), which belongs to the Wisser Group, laid off 87 of the 610 workers still employed there. Before the pandemic, there were almost 800 staff, but all temporary employees and agency workers had already been dismissed. ASG is responsible for aircraft interior cleaning and transport services. As with the WISAG workers, numerous long-serving, experienced workers, as well as 12 severely disabled people, are being fired for cost-savings. Airport operator Fraport, security provider FraSec, Airport Personal Service GmbH and Lufthansa are also systematically realising their plans to further enrich themselves in the pandemic and to ensure shareholders benefit.
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