Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise

Flagstaff, AZ

Layoff Date:

December 30, 2020

Laid Off Employees:


Laid Off Percent:

Not Reported

Source: Navajo Times
Having exhausted its cash reserves, Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise will be laying off 1,110 employees on Friday. During a Tuesday meeting with members of the Navajo Nation Council, Brian Parrish, interim director for Navajo Gaming, said the gaming board passed a resolution that same morning to lay off over a 1,000 employees. Of these, 773 are Navajo workers and 172 are non-Navajo employees. Some 165 employees will continue to work, but they will see a 20 percent pay reduction. There have been 97 resignations. "We believe this layoff will intensify the fears and lead to increased resignation," said Parrish, "due to the fact that the enterprise may not be able to get funding and recover from this extended closure."
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