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We are happy to partner with a variety of resources to help job seekers and recruiters get people back to work.

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Immigration Assistance

Bridge is a leading technology platform to assist in the immigration process for companies and employees. They work to make this process as human and seamless as possible.

If you need help with your H1B visa or other immigration related employement issues get in touch with the Bridge team.

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Professional Coaching

Get on-demand professional coaching to thrive in your workplace. Bravely offers confidential coaching and context specific advice to make the most out of your experience at work.

Bravely coaches provide objective and actionable guidance to help you address anything from co-worker conflict to work stress.

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Career Outplacement

Take a people first approach to outplacement for employees departing your company. Career Arc offers a team of world-class career coaches to guide departing employees in their search for a new role.

Their job-first approach is built to adapt to each individual's unique needs and help them build a role map to their next job.

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Applicant Tracking System

Your all-in-one solution for what your team needs to grow. Source the right candidates and set up a scalable and equitable hiring process for new employees.

Create an exceptional hiring process for everyone involved by aligning everything from your careers page to your interview process to fit perfectly with your brand.

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Recruiting Software

The most flexible recruiting software to keep your business moving and growing during even the toughest of times. Experience is at the heart of each product suite to provide you and your candidates with the right tools to get stuff done.

Deliver a best-in-class candidate experience to attract the right talent and keep them. Attract, screen. hire, and onboard the best talent all in one place.

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